Friday, 5 November 2010


A fact I'm always harping on about is that I feel like a teenager in a not so teenaged body!!!

I’m always the one out of all my friends exclaiming ‘Omg I NOW fall into the 25-30 age category’ on equal op’s forms and ‘Jeeeezzzzzz I’d be in the over 25’s category, with dry ole unimaginative Louis Walsh if I were to enter the X-factor....’!! Not to say that anyone would want to hear me howling like a drowning cat!! :/ Moving on......

Louis Walsh- Now would you want this dude to mentor the beginnings of your musical career!!!:/

So during my younger years, a time when my waistline’s size didn’t really matter...I’m such a liar, It’s always mattered! lol! Anyway during a time that I was a very self conscious young lady, more knock kneed then I am now and had no financial stresses! A time when my only concern was what time I’d be jumping on my bike and hooking up with Ms Starr so that we could tour the whole of West London, skinning teef at cute boys :D and jabbering about pure nonsense, lol! The years when we were completely naive to most things, not everything but most things a BIG contributory factor being the type of school we attended. Whilst the majority of schools in the UK gave Sex Education lessons our school had ‘love, ssssss...... (I swear our head teacher didn’t actually utter the word Sex) and Marriage’ lessons. These sessions always resulted in us pupils against our head teacher, trying to say things that would completely embarrass her, it never worked though she always held her own lol!

Bad and I mean really bad (you know punch ups & on the verge of expulsion bad) didn’t really exist in our school the worst thing that happened was the pinching of the odd chocolate covered digestive biscuit from the schools pantry, yup no tuck shop we had water and apples @ break times and oh how could I forget the flicking of fountain pens @ Ms Mosses nice tweed jacket, which may I add I got mostly blamed for although I only ever had one Maths class with her. Anyways during these times I must admit some of the happiest ever, although I didn’t realise it at the time, I thought can’t wait to be a grown up, everything’s going to be soooo simple you go off to uni, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids and live happily ever after...EVERYTHING WAS SOOOOOoooooo BLACK & WHITE in my eyes!


10 years later all I can say is getting older is a complicated transition lol!

I have a million more questions than I did when I was in my teens, I believe this is because when I was a teen a lot of the questions that I’d ask now I’d have been happy to leave unanswered!! I must admit though I am now A LOT more comfortable in my skin, confident and have managed to get to the point where insignificant things and beings that would have once really wound me up DON’T anymore...ok, ok yup yet another small white lie lol, things don’t bother me as much as they used to !lol!

The topics that seem to primarily rare there heads of late during convo’s with friends, family members and so forth are:

RELATIONSHIPS (with friends, the opposite sexes, the family and the list goes on)



BABY MAKING lol (Not how to, as by this age I’d be concerned if my peers didn’t know these facts but more of when and what it’s like)




And finally what the hell is wrong with the MEN and WOMEN of today....

Now that I am 25 plus, for some reason all of the above seem a lot more complex to discuss than they were 10-15 years ago.......... WHY :/ lol! I shall leave you with two pics:

A some what care free Farah at about 18/19 years old about to hit the roads for carnival- Very,very,very shy! Please ignore the terrible bed spread lol, what was i thinking!hehe!

10 years later a much more confident, although still ridiculously shy, maturer Farah- although only slightly!lol! I know many will be thinking Farah & shy in the same sentence! If you truly know me, you know!lol!

To be continued..........

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