Monday, 23 August 2010

Died hard romatic @ heart!lol! I love every thing mushy!!!!hehe!

I absolutely LUV this!!

Also there haven't been many tunes that have moved me since i went to see Floetry live @ Jazz cafe, my B'day prezzie from Ms Starr a good 4-5 yrs ago but must admitt i actually love the lyrics to Alicia Keyes Unthinkable:

'You give me a feeling that I never felt before
And I deserve it, I think I deserve it
(Drake: I deserve it, I think it deserve it..Let it go)
It's becoming something that's impossible to ignore
And I can't take it
(Drake: I can't take it)

Chorus-Alicia & Drake:

I was wondering maybe
Could I make you my baby
If we do the unthinkable would it make us look crazy
If you ask me I'm ready
(Echo: I'm ready, I'm ready)
If you ask me I'm ready
(Echo: I'm ready, I'm ready)

Verse 2:
I know you once said to me
"This is exactly how it should feel when it's meant to be"
Time is only wasting so why wait for eventually?
If we gon' do something 'bout it
We should do it right now
(Drake: We should do it right now) '

OOOOoooouuuuuuuuwwwweeeeee this tune makes me all warm and fuzzy inside!!!

& Finally:

Getting to grips with being a bit of a porker! :/ lol

So I’d completely forgotten a good few things that had happened before I took to the treadmill/ calorie burning activities. In a nutshell my life went a lil nutz for a month or so I didn’t get a second to think about healthy eating, exercise blaaah blaaah blaah! I moved house, my department at work went through a restructure(yaaaaayyy GGGgggggrrreat, NOT!), my terrible two year old ( kidding he’s lovely really, lol) was soon to be a terrible three year old and I had to deal with all the other day to day challenges life likes to throw our way now and again….

I had to finally say farewell to everything yummy!!!:( It was in fact time to, I’d had enough of my body stretching to its limits…it was fun and I'd enjoyed the ride, while it lasted BUT it was time to say BYE love handles & naughty treats, Hi carrot sticks! :/

Question- Why is it that everything yummy is so irresistible and why can it provoke a reaction from your taste buds without actually being in sight?????To name a few addictive items:

Pringles-especially those of the bbq sort lol! I really wanna know what goes into those things as I’m convinced they are laced with some kind of ellict illegal addictive agent lol, once you pop you can't stop, BELIEVE, yum beyond belief!) Pringle man & I need to talk!!

My all time favourites HARIBOS- Any shape, size, colour, you name I’ll enjoy demolishing it.

I’m not a massive chocolate fan but was introduced to Wisp Gold by some of my so called friends!
Now be honest tell me you don’t hear the packet whispering golden sweet nothing to you!lol!

(Worrying fact I had pictures of food on my bb & theses pictures were not taken particularly for this blog!Lol!)

I happily said ‘Ello H20’ and everything healthy (yup I’m such a liar, a bad one at that lol). The sun was shining so I had no excuse, couldn’t drop the ‘well you no its winter and all, I’ll need these extra rolls of FAT to keep me warm’! Party season was around the corna so time to lose the extra luggage…LOVE my temple & all that… prepare the old thing for squeezing, tucking, taping and manipulating into the PAAAAARRRRTTTTTEEEEE’ outfits!!!Yyyyyaaaayyy!

On my first visit to All stars boxing gym’s K.O. session (fyi ) I fell in love with the place!! Initially I was nervous that I’d be surrounded by a load of my male peers and feel very uncomfortable, how wrong was I !!!! Yup the smell of sweat was over sexy, there were all types of flavours but after a while my nostrils became accustomed to it all and there i was amongst the K.O. sessions family!!:)

At my first session I was introduced to the owner Mr Akay-(!/photo.php?pid=2036558&fbid=16927040276&op=2&o=all&view=all&subj=9200905663&aid=-1&oid=9200905663&id=609905276 take a peek guys) . He’s such a lovely charismatic man that made me feel welcomed and not intimidated by all of the moaning and grunting of those that attended the sessions religiously!!!

Then there are the trainers each one skilled in keeping you motivated but BIG props to... Gosh how terrible i have know idea what he's name is but he runs the majority of the session and is lovely (i shall edit this tomorrow)he has kept me focused and on this TING! So i asked the trainer he's name yesterday and it's DEL, he tells me off a lot but you are the person that i need to thank for my new figuuuurrrreeee....wohoooooo!!! Yeah I leave each 2 hr session like I have been dunked in a bath whilst fully clothed but have to admit my health, stamina and body shape have changed for the better and it’s only taken a couple of months.....baring in mind CARNIVAL is this coming weekend I’m one happy lil BUNNY-ish!lol!
See for yourself:
Weight loss:

Please note that theses were supposed to be in some type of order but if you know me u'll know how impatient i am, I gave up trying to make this thing work for me! Also my last weigh in was the 10st 10 lbs one as i'm currently happy with my shape. Yup i hope to continue dropping the pounds but as i am happy with my progress I have stopped the weekly weigh ins and will just do one when it takes my fancy!!!

A before (sun glasses pic) and after picture that i was asked for and i can’t actually believe I’m letting the whole world see, yup Crazy assed!lol!

Haha i just realised i could have manipulated my size by fiddling with the pics width etc!lol!

My Weekend......
Unfortunately (ha-ha I lie, it was a very fortunate fete indeed) I was invited to my friend’s b’day bbq over the weekend. As her mummy is a DON in the kitchen I knew my self control would be tested.......and that it was lol! I gave into 2 huge pieces of sweetly bbq’ed chicken, coleslaw, potatoes salad, rice & peas, MK’s bloody Oreo cake, lethal rum punch and honestly after that can’t remember what other alcoholic concoctions made it down my throat! We’re all entitled to a blow out once in a while, just wish mine hadn’t been the week before I’m due to wear a bikini on the streets of London!lol! Oh well I ain’t gonna lie I enjoyed every mouthful and the evening was lovely!!:) Happy B'day Gyn Gyn!!!

Yeah, Yeah i know i need to invest in a new camera after the passing of my last!!!RIP sniff sniff! :( See ya all soon!!xx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Say it ain't soooooo......

So I wrote my first post with loads of conviction, thinking about what I was going to do, how I was going to document my battle against the fat cells…etc! How great and inspiring it would all be…….yada yada yaaaaa! So what happened uuuuuurrrrmmmm D-day…actually WI (Weigh-In) day! The day came when I had to weighed myself so I could get a realistic view of how much damage I’d done in I’d say about 3 months- Dec 09 My B’day admittedly I was a lil weightier than usual but not in the realms of an unhealthy BMI!!! I could live with my reflection lol!

Picture the scene Boots, High Street Ken, packed due to the lunch time rush! I step off the scales awaiting my print out nervous to say the least, a few beads of sweat but not an excessive amount and then came the SHOCK ! My vision became slightly blurry as I stared @ a little white crumpled print out that sat happily in my hand with DOUBLE, yup I repeat DOUBLE figures starring right back at me on it……smacking me clean in the face!!!!

Resulting in: Me turning into a rambling crazy telling everyone in my office my shocking news!!! They all looked at me as if I’d just lost it, because if their weight was anywhere near mine…PPPPppppppwwwwaaahhhh they wouldn’t be sharing! lol! I completely understand the uncomfortable stares I received I get it and if I could only locate that screw that I must have lost I’d have probably kept it all to myself ! Oh well what’s done is now done!

Sooooo my last post was in uuuuuuuurrrrrmmmmmm April me thinks as much as you’d have thought the weigh in would have pushed me to do something uuuuummmm no it didn’t I ain’t gonna lie I found loads of excuses to why I should start addressing my eating habits and doing some exercise the following week! Finally I caught sight of a picture taken of myself @ my boobie-Nik Starr’s B’day (Boobie- a term describing close friend, a person you know well and regard with affection and trust).

Then the lady (actually LADY, I think not, bitter hag would be more fitting) who lives across the road from my mum’s, well her mad daughter actually screamed @ me (whilst on one of her devil worshipping rants…yup the whole family is possessed no word of a lie) how F.A.T I am!! Although at the time I found this hilarious due to the fact that at my fattest I could never compete with her daughter in the battle against the bulge. I knew NOW was time for me to address my weight gain!! They do say love blinds, so can you blame devil worshipper I don’t!!! looool!

Another trigger was catching the backend of a look from some chick who I shall not name and shame as I don’t know her to even say hello, she may have violent tendencies and I like my face how it is lol! Anywayz she RECENTLY found weightwatchers…I know catttttttyyyyy…miiiaaaaaaaooowwww but think of what my neighbour said to me, I’m allowed! The look said…DDDDDDDddddaaammmmnnnn tell me you ain’t jealous of me say it....go on, I look good don’t I!!!lol! Admittedly I was shocked at missy's new found leaner figure but no amount of weight loss would help that face!!! OMG stop that Farah u honestly sound like your hating and are a Queen Biiiiiiiaaaaattttccchhh!!!!Not hating I was just bitter hehe!


My next step was to signed up to weight watchers, on-line of course as I have issues with paying £5 + every week to get weighed! Being weighed in front of loads of strangers does not shame you into wanting to do better next week at all! I think it’d make me eat more lol! Signed up, it was now time to dust off my trainers and my gym clothes and jump on dis ting!!!! I found a cheap boxercise class that charged £3 a session @ the Wornington Adventure Centre but unfortunately they were close to the end of the course so I only got three weeks out of that! After the last session I had to find another class as boxercise was doing the trick, the pounds were dropping and they were dropping fast! Smiles all round!!! I went and googled local boxing classes and came up with All Stars Boxing Club: ..........

To be continued.........


Deep breathe for those of you who are always like, Farah your fine your not over weight you look great! I was and here’s the proof! Please see below my first weigh-in slip it’s emotional and still makes me feel hot now!lol! Enjoy!!