Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Farah the book worm!:)

In the last few weeks I have begun to read three DIFFERNT books, one after the other and have had to put them all down after about 3 chapters. Finally I managed to find the one that I am currently reading and I'm enjoying every bit of it!:)

Haha the book in my hand didn't make it unfortunately, it's gathering dust on some shelf somewhere!hehe! I also don't actually wear glasses lol! Fashion accessory- perdy sad ain't!

Anywhooooooo, I'm currently reading Watermelon by Marian Keyes!The author of all of the below, of which I'm in love with!The books that is,not the author although i do love her writing, hehe!:/

Y I love ‘em? They are easy reads, which is all my brain can currently handle! Y? After a morning of motherly duties-breky, teeth brushing, skin washing, dressing and somewhere in between managing to do all this for myself as well! There then is the nursery drop off yup it’s always emotional! lol! Work- dealing with all sorts of HR issues-sickness, maternity, advertising, recruitment, evaluation yup you name it somehow my job description has managed to cover it!HHHHhhhhhhuuuumm!lol! Then the nursery pick up and the remaining nightly motherly duties, with the end product being a certain lil legged, lil man being tucked up in he’s bed as snug as a bug in a rug. After all of the above I can hardly string a sentences together let alone concentrate on reading a really wordy sentence, which on 1st attempts to read looks as if it were written in Swahili and then only after the 3rd read remotely makes sense! I’m not saying that I don’t like these kind of books, i do! You know those books where the plot is so thick and complicated you really have to concentrate to understand Y @ the end Anne’s brother Lucas, who was also the father of her 1st child, who lived abroad but used to live with he’s mother, killed Dianna the partner of Anne’s child, who was born a girl but is now a guy and you get my drift don’tcha!! I love em but after a 36hr working week or to be precise a 7.2hr day, I can’t settle in the evening to read one!!!

It’s either one of two things I relax and get my weekly fix of CSI,NCSI & Law and order or I kick back and get comfy, prepare my cuticles for a big chomping session, nope I don’t bite my nails @ all, I chomp my cuticle when concentrating or chew on the inside of my lip which is nice and sore after a good reading session!!:/

Marion Keyes- Well I can’t do a character reference as I don’t know her but from reading a few of her books what I have gathered is she’s Irish, loves to fill her stories with loads of Irish tid bits (you no lil customary things that the Irish tend to do), is very witty and downright funny. I blame Marion for the strange looks I get (haha yeah I feel we’re on 1st name terms lol even if she doesn’t) on route & on the way back from work. All of the looks i receive, coming from my bus route regulars who all think I have lost the plot, as would I, if I watched a girl curling up, laughing loudly, slapping her thigh, wiping a tear and then muttering to herself!!! Who could blame them really! lol! Her books are like most chick flicks on paper minus the bad acting and mush! The way they are written is right up my street!

e.g. A section from WATERMELON describing the main character mother's inability to cook:

‘My mother and culinary delights were not friends. In fact, it would be fair to say that my mother and culinary delights were barely on nodding terms.
Nightmarish memories of family dinners came flooding back to me. Was I out of my mind? What the hell did I come home for? Did I really want to starve to death?
The next time you have to lose a lot of weight quickly-that two week holiday in the sun? Your sisters wedding? A date with the office hunk?.......Just stay in our house for a couple of weeks and insist mum cooks for you.’!!!!

I’m the type that you can tell the plot of a film, book or whatever to and i can still watch, read, or whatever that film/book or whatever and thoroughly enjoy it BUT, I realise there are many folks that are out there that are soooooooooo not like me i shall give you a real short break down of what Watermenlon is about:

In a nutshell: Woman has baby, on the day of the babies birth husband walks out and confesses he’s been having an affair with dry Deirdre down the corridor ( her name isn’t actually Deidre lol BUT she’s older than the main character and the only thing I picture when hearing the name Deidre is Coronation streets & wrinkels lol! Hoping you all get the connection! lol!). The main character flees home to Ireland and goes through loads of emotions due to mad hormones and feeling rejected, the main character meets a sexy guy, whilst dealing with the breakdown of her marriage and starts to question everything!!

I must now admit that I haven’t actually completed reading this book I have another 200 and a bit pages to go but so far it’s great so ladies and any gent that may remotely be interested go take a read!!!