Wednesday, 24 November 2010

EEEEeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww! :o

What’s been happening with me, uuuuuuuurrrrrrrmmmm nothing much to be honest same old, same old! Mummy duties- A very sick bubby who wants and needs he’s mumma, work- annoying folks @ times, advising managers yada yaaaaa, baring the UK’S COLD weather, I’ve just finished reading ‘The Other side of the Story’ by Marion Keyes, will review it sometime soon and have now moved onto ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ written by, you guessed it Marion Keyes lol! And finally my new found hair obsession is really gathering momentum! GGGGggggrrrr nearly forgot my boxing class has not seen me either nor has any salad, lettuce or water so I can feel that my thighs are getting a lil wobblier than I’d like and as I’m jetting off out of this COLD misery to a warmer climates soon, this is NOT good!!! AAAAAaaaaannnnyyyywhhhhhhooooo kinda wanted to continue with the whole growing up is complicated stuff, so I shall!

Last night I snuggled up with my ill lil man, chest infection & asthma = moany bubba :( whilst I watched this year’s season of THE FAMILY channel 4, 9pm Tuesdays: ! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced sooooo many emotions whilst watching a programme before !lol! My opinion watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After watching The Family though, I took a call from a long time friend of mine who I always manage to get into DEEP head ache causing convo’s with !lol! We did all the usual phone call pleasantries that you do with old skool friends. Then the convo went onto how time is flying and how old we’re getting, how shocked I am @ how quickly my 27th year has gone..........Blah blah blah! Then came the topic of RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!(YAWN) Now why I’ve chosen to blog about this is because the way my friend tackled the topic in regards to relationships, nearly and please may I reiterated nearly made me feel a lil immature lol and childish in regards to my set in stone opinions! I admit on the most part I am childish at the best of times but to be nearly convinced/ swayed to see a person’s point of view when in actual fact on a normal day you couldn’t even be moved by it was a lil unnerving for me! Please note I have full permission to document this convo!lol!

THE TOPIC- Settling down or dating someone who has dated a person within YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE OR CLOSER!:0

So we talked about the whole settling down thing that most 25+ year olds think about @ some point and debated, then came the clanger so I’ve started dating this girl that used to go out with my mate .........!!!!! I WAS IN SHOCK and had to say pardon!!!lol! For me the whole topic kinda makes my skin crawl, I suppose this is due to 1) my friends and I have completely different tastes in men and 2) If we both agree that a gentlemen is quite dashing or you know facially/physically blessed, as soon as he’s eye’s start to flutter in the direction of any of my friends male or female the gloss kinda disappears for me they just become any ole Norman lol (i.e. nice, a friend maybe but that’s it....there shall be no more drawling, my mouth goes arid landscape dry)!

My compardres main argument was this: Finding someone to settle down with nowadays that is quality, is like finding a needle in a hay stack! If a relationship is over and by that he meant TRULY over i.e. no ambiguous unresolved feelings & its ended amicably, then why would you disregards a person just because they USED to date a friend, acquaintance or family member!!!

So Farah as she is was all aghast, tut tutting, shaking her head and was thinking HELL NO....THIS DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT, but then he drops but if the relationship between two adults is truly over why would it matter!!!!!! Why would an individual feel betrayed, awkward, upset, uncomfortable any of those things, unless they still had unresolved emotions in regards to their ex!! He also said there definitely shouldn’t be any feelings if the person is currently in a relationship as this isn’t a good sign for their current relationship!!! Now initially I was like whatever mate, still doesn’t sound right! Then came the but if the person you HAD previously been in a relationship with couldn’t make you happy and you were blatantly not destined to be with them, but unfortunately it has come to light that they make someone that you know happy ; they are destined to be together i.e. get married, set up house, have loads of beautiful mini-thems and live happily ever after why would you waste your time being bitter about their union ( not that I’d be bitter loool)!!!! At this point my resolve started to sway........

Now here’s the thing my friend had loads of valid points that for some reason I’m finding difficult to articulate through written word, stuff like the longevity of the relationship, the relationship that you had/have with your FRIEND (i.e. are they an acquaintance, best friends yada yada yaa) and loads more stuff that I’ve forgotten but I still think it’s a bit eeeeeeewwwwww!

I suppose each to their own! If it makes you happy do your thing as long as you don’t end up hurting anybody but for me it’s STILL a skin crawling topic and a DEFINITE NO! If you’ve even had an opportunity to breathe your sweet breath in the face of any of my friends then you are an ‘untouchable’ to me, but as I’m currently in a relationship none of this applies to me hehe, unless one of my friends decided to date an ex of mine @ which point all I can do is wish them LUCK!LOL!Oh yeah and finally i do think if you are aware that your friend has unresolved feeling in regards to an ex and you would still go there, your behaviour would be considered that of a WASTE person!lol! Enough ranting!

Farah then scratches her head, wondering how others feel about this, as my argument felt a lil weak after being hit with all the unresolved emotions talk, lmao.! Let me know! :)

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