Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Why girls shouldn’t drink!!!!Haha!!(Yeah right) Sat 25th Sept 2010!

So I hadn’t seen my boobie Gigi since....... like FOREVER baring in mind we’d lived together for a good few months a few years ago and I missed HER!! Whilst we were roomies we ordered Chinese regularly, Indian regularly lamb, chicken anything that could be kormaed yum, we ordered it, we visited TGI’s regularly uuuuuummm JD wings and cheesy mash (can someone please explain why my nearest TGI’s is now in Covent Garden, KMT!!!!:0 Y, oh Y???). We often argued over the best way to cook Hertz chicken sausages for brekky (may I reiterate CHICKEN, we don’t do no Arnold, Percy, Sous or PORK round ere)! Gigi loved cutting the sausages into tiny circles, chopping and frying onions & tomatoes, seasoning yada yada yaaa all mixed together and serving it with beans, scrambles eggs & brioche! Too much wetty, wetty for me lol! Baked Beans and sausages in gravey!!!!!:/ lol! Me, I grill or fry my sausages and serve with the above and I’m good to go! There was therefore always a lot of excitement in the kitchen in the mornings! You can tell Gigi and I are in no way good for each other when it comes to anything food related!lol! My fondest memory sharing an itty bitty cup cake’s icing with this punk walking up Westborne Grove, the looks that we received that day were priceless !lol!

Anyway back to the story! I hadn’t seen my ickle Gigi for God knows how long apparently we’d seen each other @ carnival but neither of us could remember although pics told us differently! So we were due to have a reunion which we decided would be at my mate Tevalicious’s B’day extravaganza, hhhhuuummm not to sure how he’s Ma would feel about hearing that her child has been renamed but he emailed me the other day and said Hi ‘Crumbs’.....crumbs ya nah!!

I received my facebook party invite some time mid September, as all my close friends know fast I is fast, first thing I did was to google the clubs name, hadn’t been out in a while, lies I’d gone to a hen do the Saturday before!! Anywhooooo my fastness caused me to be greeted by a BIG ACCESS DIENIED, YOU ARE IN BREACH OF WORK POLICY in RED text written across my computer screen! My hands were clammy and i was looking @ my supervisor hoping she wasn’t thinking, what I’d be thinking if I saw that across her screen lol! To make matters worse @ the corner of my computer screen read for private dances the charge is £10!! Oh Lawd can we all sing P455555555555vvvvvvaaaaaahhhhaaaaahha! The moral of the tale is read facebook invites properly when originally sent, noting the small print, that during the week the club is used as a Gentleman’s Club but on weekends can be hired out privately with the pole still installed but minus ladies charging for a dance!!!:0 ‘Suit you SSSsssiirrr!!’ lol!

The 25th arrived oh so quickly and the arrangement was Gigi would come shake a leg with me as long as I came to her new gaff and got ready, which was fine by me! So after my full day of training 9-4.30 on a Saturday aaaarrrrrgggghhhh I met my lil bro’s Misses who was also muchos ready to let her hair down and we set off for our trip to outta Mongolia, so lying we jumped on a bus and made it to central London ish.....hehe!

The night went a lil something like this.......

At Gigi's we got ready whilst sipping ok lying again glugging down chilled white wine! Classy!looool!

We straightened,curled, applied, re-applied, put on fake lashes, took off fake lashes, put a pair on again then got vex and dashed them in the bin!lol! Well i did!hehe!!!

Once ready we jumped into a cab City bound!!Yyyaaaayyy! Look like Angels don't we, the poor cabbie!!hehe!

There was completely MAD behaviour!!Madams in distress are we... will definitely not be receiving any Oscars anytime soon!lol!

The cabbie had to endure Gigi's 'tink foot inna he's ear for most of the journey!!lol!

We got to the club surprisingly early uuuurrrrrrmmmmm B'day boy took black peoples time to another level, there was NO one and I mean NO one there lol, everybody was still chowing food @ the nice cosy restaurant whilst my booty froze !lol!

So we went for some drinks @ All Bar One! Let me introduce you to my worst nightmare the Jaeger Bomber Gigi's favorite drink!!Bottoms Up!!


Coupled with wine not our best idea @ all!!!:/ We fell in love with the Jaeger Bombers who wouldn't, we were a lil pickled by then!lol!

We took perdy pics!AAAAAaaaaagggg Gigi!xx

After that everything became a lil blurry!See....

No G you can not kick booty through glass!lol!

We then remembered why the hell we were in the city soooooo back to the pardy!!!More posing, vain or what!lol!

Hooked up with some of the rest of the gang plus the B'day Boooooooyyyy!:)

Took random pictures of shoes!NICE shoes!

Got down to the good music! Woooohhhhoooo!

Certain folks be lucky I love them dearly otherwise this would not be the only get down pic I assure you!lol! Actually the amount of forced weddings I tried to setup I best sssshhhhhuuurrrrruuupp!lol!

Sunday Morning i woke to the rave still going on in my head and I also realised, as much as my mind won't allow me to acknowledge my age my body definitely is not affraid to remind me!!!:(

My recovery breakfast!!!

Stretch & Tev's this party reminded me of 20/20 Abacus!! BIG night!!:)xx

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Beauty of Afro hair!!!:)

I'm not going to lie it's taken me a good while to realise the beauty of my hair, it's so temperamental @ times and I’ve always just wanted an easy life but to be honest as I’ve got older all I know is that the big Phraf (don't google it I don't think it's an actual word lol) that I had made when I was in my teens and the way I was fast to go and apply relaxer to my head was unnecessary !lol! I have now been relaxer free for 7 years + and i'm a happy bunny with a lot more dough in my pocket! Yup I’m relaxer free, ask my best mate I had a bit of a nutty moment on a trip to New York where I lopped the whole lot off!! A supposed hairdresser, not my beloved hairdresser left relaxer on my hair for too long, it started to break and that was it no MORE visits back to that hairdresser, straight up DIY! I took a pair of scissors to my hair and cut my hair until I looked like a boy!Mum cried a lot BUT look @ me now, not a worry in the world! Well not hair related anyway! Yeah it SWEATS out when I’m UP in the club and it’s straight, but what the hell it's all still on my head and that’s all that matters !lol! I also have options see for yourself!!!

My hair after a wash and the application of conditioner!

Not even going to stunt like these glasses belong to me!lol! They belong to my friend but me likey so i betta go drop dem back by she house!lol!

My straight coloured hair, feeling good!

Just with a pair of GHD's run through it! To be honest with you i have to pay due's to my hairdresser friend as i'm a lazy chick who doesn't really do what she's supposed to i.e. wrap it, plait it, tie it down, etc! My hair is feeling good though and i love it!!!!xxx

August Bank Holiday Weekend!! Carnival 2010

Where to start!!! I’m gonna keep it as short & as sweet as possible so here goes..........

So........every year my friends and I anticipate, get a lil hyped up and participate in the Notting Hill Carnival! As it only comes around once a year we spend ages, something like 11 months maybe chatting nonsense’s, hyping and preparing for it all! Ok a lil bit of an exaggeration but you get what I mean and this year was no exception!

Carnival tends to entails: Ridiculous levels of alcohol consumed @ breath takingly rapid rates, throwing your waist around until your muscles and joints are screaming for mercy....in other words dancing in a way that you’d probably feel just a tad uncomfortable/almost embarrassed for your mum, let alone your dad to see you doing but maybe that’s just me lol! You also have the choice, if it takes your fancy to don a carnival costume, which for the ladies tends to be a full bikini with a belt around your waist (which has dangly bits attached to it so to distract from your neckedness) which looks really out of place in London to be quite honest but who cares, West Indians love ah party! Finally there’s the head dress which I never wear, as the laws of physics do not permit me too! KMT! Head dress with feathers sprouting out the top + gale force winds = Farah fly down Ladbroke Grove like a peacock, hhhhhhhmmmm they don’t actually fly do they? So maybe I’d just skid lol!

Carnival 2010!!!

So two off my friends jetsetted off to the states-ATL & New Jersey to be precise, may I add without me :(, the week before carnival!!kmt! Jealous just slightly! :-/! Anxious, just slightly, as we as a group had not yet seen our completed costumes and after a very sunny June and July in London we screamed BYE Mr sunshine Hello rain, ghastly winds and just plain old misery!!!

Rain, Rain go away come back....like never!lol!I lie actually our plants need water ever so often, fall when i'm sleeping gosh!! Oh yeah and did i mention one of my friends bbm-ed me from ATL telling me how blazing HOT it was!!! Thanx Jo!lol!
I was silently praying that my costume being a bikini and all was not going to be put to use for swimming!!!:0

The Friday before carnival everything went a bit pear shaped to say the least! Two other friends and I (who were on British soil, JEALOUS!!!Only slightly! lol) had to hunt for costumes....any costumes, as the ones we had initially booked (boi need to do another blog to tell that tale lol and in the interest of not being an A* class Biiiaaattttccchhhh will leave the tale untold) didn’t materialise! We therefore needed costumes, ones that fitted and would hold together for the duration of the weekend! We struck LUCK and managed to get four costumes which unfortunately left two of the gang out of costume but they were cool with that so there were no tears or tantrums, Thank GOD!!:)

With the costumes acquired, there was the drama of the collection of refunds, costume fittings and the final collection of the costumes @ waaaaayyyy pass midnight but it was all now sorted and there’d be no more Drama or would there.......lol!

In the mix of all the above i had to get my hair dided.....yaaaaahhhhhheeeeerrrr...i changed its colour baaayyybaaayyyy! Was scared though decisions, decisions, i am the most indecisive person anyone could possible know!!! So i’m in the hair shop bbm-ing my hairdresser and lovely friend with the colours looking like a complete lunatic, oh yeah and getting the evil eye as the shop owner wanted to close he’s DAMN shop!lol! I decided on: RICH AUBURN- as my friend/hairdresser had recommended it and i thought the lady in the pic was the only woman as close to my skin tone as i could find!!! None for dying your hair the day before Carnival and realising you made a BIG mistake!!! I can just picture it now opening my eyes to a glow in the dark new do!!!:( lol!

Note briefly i do not have issues, out of all the colours avaliable this lady was the closest to my skin colour!lol!

Anywayz so this is how the Carnival weekend went!!!

The Sun started to Shine again & the weather was sweetish, with the ocassional wind chill!!!!Happy DAAAAAAAYYYYYYZZZZZZ!!!

We were all reunited and ended up @ the Westbury pub to shake a leg 4 Gyn's b'day!!

We got a lil silly as you can see for yourself!!!

The following day we dressed up.......

We posed for millions of pic's with tourist & random folk!!!lol!

We danced......

We really danced, I'm in a zone! LMAO!

We molested, ok too strong a word, had a laugh with the local bobby.......

We got drunk, ok, ok, I got a lickle pickled and did some stooopidness! I paid for this the following day!lol, what aches and pains i wasn't feeling kmt!

The downers of carnival:

1. The camera of one of the gang went missing......luckily the owners attitude was positive and there was NO showdown, tears or tantrums Thank GOD, as I felt terrible re:the loss!! Almost 2 weeks later bob’s your uncle the camera turns up on my friend’s b’day @ that, what an unexpected b’day surprise! So my friend is happy, carnival 2010 memorabilia we have and a lesson is learnt, staying positive can work miracles!!!:) I have now torn a page out my lady’s book, staying positive is a good thang maaaannnn, it’s all about letting go of negativity asap!!

2. Carnival ended earlier than usual and this year just didn’t have the energy of past years.
3. I stepped on a half broken bottle that managed to cut my ankle and ruin my pumps that were to be honest with you ruined anyway, but the cut was painful and the healing process has been long! I also got the flu straight afterwards....no Surprise @ all really!!

4. I’ll have to wait a whole other 11 months until the next 1!!!:(

Oh well fingers crossed I shall not have to wait until August 2011 to wuk up my waist, March is only around the corner and if everything goes to plan I’ll be @ T & T carnival!!! Also i’m soooooooo happy that i achieved my goals weight wise and was not that body conscience for the weekend! Now to stay motivated and keep going, wish me luck!xxx