Wednesday, 24 November 2010

EEEEeeeeeeeeewwwwwwww! :o

What’s been happening with me, uuuuuuuurrrrrrrmmmm nothing much to be honest same old, same old! Mummy duties- A very sick bubby who wants and needs he’s mumma, work- annoying folks @ times, advising managers yada yaaaaa, baring the UK’S COLD weather, I’ve just finished reading ‘The Other side of the Story’ by Marion Keyes, will review it sometime soon and have now moved onto ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ written by, you guessed it Marion Keyes lol! And finally my new found hair obsession is really gathering momentum! GGGGggggrrrr nearly forgot my boxing class has not seen me either nor has any salad, lettuce or water so I can feel that my thighs are getting a lil wobblier than I’d like and as I’m jetting off out of this COLD misery to a warmer climates soon, this is NOT good!!! AAAAAaaaaannnnyyyywhhhhhhooooo kinda wanted to continue with the whole growing up is complicated stuff, so I shall!

Last night I snuggled up with my ill lil man, chest infection & asthma = moany bubba :( whilst I watched this year’s season of THE FAMILY channel 4, 9pm Tuesdays: ! I don’t think I’ve ever experienced sooooo many emotions whilst watching a programme before !lol! My opinion watch it, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

After watching The Family though, I took a call from a long time friend of mine who I always manage to get into DEEP head ache causing convo’s with !lol! We did all the usual phone call pleasantries that you do with old skool friends. Then the convo went onto how time is flying and how old we’re getting, how shocked I am @ how quickly my 27th year has gone..........Blah blah blah! Then came the topic of RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!(YAWN) Now why I’ve chosen to blog about this is because the way my friend tackled the topic in regards to relationships, nearly and please may I reiterated nearly made me feel a lil immature lol and childish in regards to my set in stone opinions! I admit on the most part I am childish at the best of times but to be nearly convinced/ swayed to see a person’s point of view when in actual fact on a normal day you couldn’t even be moved by it was a lil unnerving for me! Please note I have full permission to document this convo!lol!

THE TOPIC- Settling down or dating someone who has dated a person within YOUR SOCIAL CIRCLE OR CLOSER!:0

So we talked about the whole settling down thing that most 25+ year olds think about @ some point and debated, then came the clanger so I’ve started dating this girl that used to go out with my mate .........!!!!! I WAS IN SHOCK and had to say pardon!!!lol! For me the whole topic kinda makes my skin crawl, I suppose this is due to 1) my friends and I have completely different tastes in men and 2) If we both agree that a gentlemen is quite dashing or you know facially/physically blessed, as soon as he’s eye’s start to flutter in the direction of any of my friends male or female the gloss kinda disappears for me they just become any ole Norman lol (i.e. nice, a friend maybe but that’s it....there shall be no more drawling, my mouth goes arid landscape dry)!

My compardres main argument was this: Finding someone to settle down with nowadays that is quality, is like finding a needle in a hay stack! If a relationship is over and by that he meant TRULY over i.e. no ambiguous unresolved feelings & its ended amicably, then why would you disregards a person just because they USED to date a friend, acquaintance or family member!!!

So Farah as she is was all aghast, tut tutting, shaking her head and was thinking HELL NO....THIS DOESN’T SOUND RIGHT, but then he drops but if the relationship between two adults is truly over why would it matter!!!!!! Why would an individual feel betrayed, awkward, upset, uncomfortable any of those things, unless they still had unresolved emotions in regards to their ex!! He also said there definitely shouldn’t be any feelings if the person is currently in a relationship as this isn’t a good sign for their current relationship!!! Now initially I was like whatever mate, still doesn’t sound right! Then came the but if the person you HAD previously been in a relationship with couldn’t make you happy and you were blatantly not destined to be with them, but unfortunately it has come to light that they make someone that you know happy ; they are destined to be together i.e. get married, set up house, have loads of beautiful mini-thems and live happily ever after why would you waste your time being bitter about their union ( not that I’d be bitter loool)!!!! At this point my resolve started to sway........

Now here’s the thing my friend had loads of valid points that for some reason I’m finding difficult to articulate through written word, stuff like the longevity of the relationship, the relationship that you had/have with your FRIEND (i.e. are they an acquaintance, best friends yada yada yaa) and loads more stuff that I’ve forgotten but I still think it’s a bit eeeeeeewwwwww!

I suppose each to their own! If it makes you happy do your thing as long as you don’t end up hurting anybody but for me it’s STILL a skin crawling topic and a DEFINITE NO! If you’ve even had an opportunity to breathe your sweet breath in the face of any of my friends then you are an ‘untouchable’ to me, but as I’m currently in a relationship none of this applies to me hehe, unless one of my friends decided to date an ex of mine @ which point all I can do is wish them LUCK!LOL!Oh yeah and finally i do think if you are aware that your friend has unresolved feeling in regards to an ex and you would still go there, your behaviour would be considered that of a WASTE person!lol! Enough ranting!

Farah then scratches her head, wondering how others feel about this, as my argument felt a lil weak after being hit with all the unresolved emotions talk, lmao.! Let me know! :)

Thursday, 18 November 2010

BYE 2010..ELLO 2011 accompanied by the perfect NY's day hangover!!!!:D

OMG how quickly has 2010 flown by!!!:O Pardy season shall soon be upon us.......Wooohoooooo.....memories!!!

I swear from the ages of about 18-24 my friends and club promoters saw me more than my own family!lol! Mum, dad or lil bro usually only ever saw my mascara streamed face over breakfast, where I'd gunt 'water...fooooodddd' whilst the tunes from the night before casually drummed causing me muchos pain in my HEAD!!:( For the most part during this period my slick hair do's, over priced but slick dresses, madeup face (Farah's an impatient, haha 3rd person writing lol, therefore make up has & will always be aplied in a basic manner-eyeshadow,mascara,vasaline & lip gloss, I only got brave enough to start using eyeliner a few years back lol) mainly flaunted themselves @ Stretch promoted pardy's!!!

Lemme introduce you to my mate Stretch a member of the team that has been the brains behind raves such as 20:20, Strawbery Jam and many other sucessful party's....

Ladies, ladies, ladies refrain yourselves now and mop up that drawl!!!

Focus now back to the point!!! If you have never had the pleasure of attending one of the named raves above uuuuuuurrrrmmmm where HELL have you been your early teens to mid 20's missed out mate, I have memories for days of frizzy hair & brand new dress full of bobbles, due to the non stop dancing ( Y bobbles you may ask???lol Use your imagination folks). I have memories of slurged speech and random conversations due to non stop drinking and I've met a lot of people that I now consider good friends!!

Best memory of all time one of my girlies for the sake of this post I shall name her 'Trouble' grabbed this innocent bystanding young man bellowing into he's ear 'You got, you got, you got, what it takes to make me leave man' J-Lo in the house haha @ which point the grin spreading alcross Mr mans face disappeared as 'Trouble' had walked off mid sung sentence!lol! It was classic!!No he didn't have what he thought he had, as one) Trouble was single and two) was slighly piddled!lol! 'BB Innocent face'!hehe

Anywhooooo back to the point in a nutshell all of the party's created/promoted by this group of peeps have been the type that you leave feeling satisfied, feet burning, hair a mess and eyes barley focused!! This NYE they'll be throwing a BIG but PRIVATE PAAAaaaaarrrrrrddddyyyyyy! Woop woop!

The details are as follows:

'A vintage City of London location with a small capacity of 250 over 3 floors with a VIP section may I add this is where the party will be @ the vibe will be JUST LIKE A HOUSE PARTY!!

They'll have an array of Mixologists(Top DJs) ALL playing EVERYTHING POSSIBLE!! With music requests avaliable!


The party kicks off @ 10pm until 5am

VIPs will be privy to a champagne reception and tasty nibbles And finally……….This is NOT a MASS MARKETED event so mums the word lol……So you should feel SPEeeeeeeCIAL!!

How much is it? I hear you ask…£15 for all mate, can you go wrong…..uuuurrrmmmm NO!!One Five for NYE!!

Tickets are available all that needs to be done is…….RSVP to the FB event page….!/event.php?eid=171545636208874

Now I know a lot of people no longer do NEW YEARS EVE partying anymore as







Now that I'm a mumma I value my nights out and boy, oh boy am I excited about this NYE! I have stayed in for NYE for the last 3 years....but you shall be seeing me dancing my NYE into 2011 @ this event folks!!!

So, I'm back from holiday blacker than ever, ready to bring the NY in, as I mean the year to go on...NO NOT DRUNK, just on a GOOD vibe so come join me......Yes we all No Farah loves a PARDY!!!



Friday, 12 November 2010


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had unprocessed/un-relaxed hair for 7 years plus & for those full 7 years I’ve worn my hair straight => Wash & then conditioned, blow dyed and then tonged or GHD-ed lol! Only in the last few months have I been brave enough to experiment with wearing my hair curly, this was after coming across a website where this curly headed woman explains what she does to maintain her curls!! So I went ahead and experimented and was really happy with the results of my curls BUT then one of my friends introduced me to and my real curly hair obsession began........Not just wearing my hair curly but achieving healthy curls, you know not dry or frizzy and void of split ends yada yada yaaaa! At the mo the whole perfect curl mission is going really well and my only realisation is that:

1. There is a lot of science in regards to having healthy hair.

2. Maintaining curly hair is quite expensive if you’re an impatient ‘can I be bothered to make my own products’ kinda girl like me!! :0 example, I purchased the kids curly- Q leave-in conditioner @ £10 last Saturday from Charlie's, Goldhalwk road (haha advertising ;) ) and let’s put it this way I’m half way through it already......HHHhhhhhhmmmmmm time to have tea and biscuits with the Lotto man me thinks!!!!:/

Anyways back to the title of the post The CURL/WAVE off! So there am I, at work minding my own when one of the girlies pings me on the bb, we have a few laughs and she says: ‘how the curls going curly sue’

I say ‘They are going well thanx, although I am currently on a mission to have a head full of healthy curls...I shall be curly Rapunzel’. Which is one of the silliest things I’ve ever said, maybe it isn’t BUT here are the facts when my hair's straight it falls a lil below my collar bone BUT when it is curly, I truly look like lil ANNIE from the musical (you no 'the dumb dog, why are you following me! I ain’t got a crumb dog how about letting me beeeeee, I ain’t gonna feed you, don’t get a drat for you, need yooouuuuu’ ok got a lil carried away! Sorwwwiii) lol! Our resemblance is only hair wise off course lol, well not even hair colour wise or curl type wise,aaaarrrrggggh getting to technical but I’m hoping you get my drift! My hair shrinks soooooo much that the first time my dad and then my partner saw me they just stared moving their heads this way and that until they uttered ‘uuuuuuurrrrrmmmm why did you cut your hair’! MEN you gots ta luv em......

Anywayz my friend Ms Cherry-Fara-Much obviously her mother would argue that this is not that name that is written on her birth certificate but this is the name that she goes by lol says
‘well I’m on a mission to have the perfect wave through my au natural hair’.

I’m like ‘ok, ok......’ at which point Ms Cherry throws into the mix ‘let’s do the summer challenge and see who has the best curl/wave’..... ‘I’m taking my natural hair ting seriously now...’she says!!!


So I reply
‘Woooooow come we do this hehe! Mine will win I have tight individual springy curls! looool Beat that woman!!!!’

At which she responds ‘Well I have cutie pie waves, we gonna have to have a show down in May before the bank holiday, so that we can get our hair did-did looking its best and have a standoff. We can have independent adjudicators. Be ready to eat my WAVY DUST'

‘Haha’ I chuckle ‘It’s a challenge! My curls will be bouncing you and your bouncy booty up on outta here!!!!’

Her final words
‘Haa haaaaahhaaa ok fine we’ll see...but be prepared to be tadaaad and AMAZED’

Ok I admitted it, the most worrying thing about this post is that we are both 25 plus, educated, hardworking women (she’s an account and I a HR advisor) and I’d like to think we're both quite mature, although this post suggests otherwise lol!

I’m siked up re the challenge though, so Ms Cherry or Ruffy as I call her, the end of May shall be her in the blink of an eye! Me and you..... Have your waves in tip top condition lady as my curls shall be hard to beat Wahahhhhaaaaaahhhhaaaa!
So we shall see who wins the Wavy/Curly battle!!!




I shall keep y'all posted on the outcome!xxxx

Friday, 5 November 2010


A fact I'm always harping on about is that I feel like a teenager in a not so teenaged body!!!

I’m always the one out of all my friends exclaiming ‘Omg I NOW fall into the 25-30 age category’ on equal op’s forms and ‘Jeeeezzzzzz I’d be in the over 25’s category, with dry ole unimaginative Louis Walsh if I were to enter the X-factor....’!! Not to say that anyone would want to hear me howling like a drowning cat!! :/ Moving on......

Louis Walsh- Now would you want this dude to mentor the beginnings of your musical career!!!:/

So during my younger years, a time when my waistline’s size didn’t really matter...I’m such a liar, It’s always mattered! lol! Anyway during a time that I was a very self conscious young lady, more knock kneed then I am now and had no financial stresses! A time when my only concern was what time I’d be jumping on my bike and hooking up with Ms Starr so that we could tour the whole of West London, skinning teef at cute boys :D and jabbering about pure nonsense, lol! The years when we were completely naive to most things, not everything but most things a BIG contributory factor being the type of school we attended. Whilst the majority of schools in the UK gave Sex Education lessons our school had ‘love, ssssss...... (I swear our head teacher didn’t actually utter the word Sex) and Marriage’ lessons. These sessions always resulted in us pupils against our head teacher, trying to say things that would completely embarrass her, it never worked though she always held her own lol!

Bad and I mean really bad (you know punch ups & on the verge of expulsion bad) didn’t really exist in our school the worst thing that happened was the pinching of the odd chocolate covered digestive biscuit from the schools pantry, yup no tuck shop we had water and apples @ break times and oh how could I forget the flicking of fountain pens @ Ms Mosses nice tweed jacket, which may I add I got mostly blamed for although I only ever had one Maths class with her. Anyways during these times I must admit some of the happiest ever, although I didn’t realise it at the time, I thought can’t wait to be a grown up, everything’s going to be soooo simple you go off to uni, get a job, get married, buy a house, have kids and live happily ever after...EVERYTHING WAS SOOOOOoooooo BLACK & WHITE in my eyes!


10 years later all I can say is getting older is a complicated transition lol!

I have a million more questions than I did when I was in my teens, I believe this is because when I was a teen a lot of the questions that I’d ask now I’d have been happy to leave unanswered!! I must admit though I am now A LOT more comfortable in my skin, confident and have managed to get to the point where insignificant things and beings that would have once really wound me up DON’T anymore...ok, ok yup yet another small white lie lol, things don’t bother me as much as they used to !lol!

The topics that seem to primarily rare there heads of late during convo’s with friends, family members and so forth are:

RELATIONSHIPS (with friends, the opposite sexes, the family and the list goes on)



BABY MAKING lol (Not how to, as by this age I’d be concerned if my peers didn’t know these facts but more of when and what it’s like)




And finally what the hell is wrong with the MEN and WOMEN of today....

Now that I am 25 plus, for some reason all of the above seem a lot more complex to discuss than they were 10-15 years ago.......... WHY :/ lol! I shall leave you with two pics:

A some what care free Farah at about 18/19 years old about to hit the roads for carnival- Very,very,very shy! Please ignore the terrible bed spread lol, what was i thinking!hehe!

10 years later a much more confident, although still ridiculously shy, maturer Farah- although only slightly!lol! I know many will be thinking Farah & shy in the same sentence! If you truly know me, you know!lol!

To be continued..........