Friday, 12 November 2010


As I’ve mentioned before I’ve had unprocessed/un-relaxed hair for 7 years plus & for those full 7 years I’ve worn my hair straight => Wash & then conditioned, blow dyed and then tonged or GHD-ed lol! Only in the last few months have I been brave enough to experiment with wearing my hair curly, this was after coming across a website where this curly headed woman explains what she does to maintain her curls!! So I went ahead and experimented and was really happy with the results of my curls BUT then one of my friends introduced me to and my real curly hair obsession began........Not just wearing my hair curly but achieving healthy curls, you know not dry or frizzy and void of split ends yada yada yaaaa! At the mo the whole perfect curl mission is going really well and my only realisation is that:

1. There is a lot of science in regards to having healthy hair.

2. Maintaining curly hair is quite expensive if you’re an impatient ‘can I be bothered to make my own products’ kinda girl like me!! :0 example, I purchased the kids curly- Q leave-in conditioner @ £10 last Saturday from Charlie's, Goldhalwk road (haha advertising ;) ) and let’s put it this way I’m half way through it already......HHHhhhhhhmmmmmm time to have tea and biscuits with the Lotto man me thinks!!!!:/

Anyways back to the title of the post The CURL/WAVE off! So there am I, at work minding my own when one of the girlies pings me on the bb, we have a few laughs and she says: ‘how the curls going curly sue’

I say ‘They are going well thanx, although I am currently on a mission to have a head full of healthy curls...I shall be curly Rapunzel’. Which is one of the silliest things I’ve ever said, maybe it isn’t BUT here are the facts when my hair's straight it falls a lil below my collar bone BUT when it is curly, I truly look like lil ANNIE from the musical (you no 'the dumb dog, why are you following me! I ain’t got a crumb dog how about letting me beeeeee, I ain’t gonna feed you, don’t get a drat for you, need yooouuuuu’ ok got a lil carried away! Sorwwwiii) lol! Our resemblance is only hair wise off course lol, well not even hair colour wise or curl type wise,aaaarrrrggggh getting to technical but I’m hoping you get my drift! My hair shrinks soooooo much that the first time my dad and then my partner saw me they just stared moving their heads this way and that until they uttered ‘uuuuuuurrrrrmmmm why did you cut your hair’! MEN you gots ta luv em......

Anywayz my friend Ms Cherry-Fara-Much obviously her mother would argue that this is not that name that is written on her birth certificate but this is the name that she goes by lol says
‘well I’m on a mission to have the perfect wave through my au natural hair’.

I’m like ‘ok, ok......’ at which point Ms Cherry throws into the mix ‘let’s do the summer challenge and see who has the best curl/wave’..... ‘I’m taking my natural hair ting seriously now...’she says!!!


So I reply
‘Woooooow come we do this hehe! Mine will win I have tight individual springy curls! looool Beat that woman!!!!’

At which she responds ‘Well I have cutie pie waves, we gonna have to have a show down in May before the bank holiday, so that we can get our hair did-did looking its best and have a standoff. We can have independent adjudicators. Be ready to eat my WAVY DUST'

‘Haha’ I chuckle ‘It’s a challenge! My curls will be bouncing you and your bouncy booty up on outta here!!!!’

Her final words
‘Haa haaaaahhaaa ok fine we’ll see...but be prepared to be tadaaad and AMAZED’

Ok I admitted it, the most worrying thing about this post is that we are both 25 plus, educated, hardworking women (she’s an account and I a HR advisor) and I’d like to think we're both quite mature, although this post suggests otherwise lol!

I’m siked up re the challenge though, so Ms Cherry or Ruffy as I call her, the end of May shall be her in the blink of an eye! Me and you..... Have your waves in tip top condition lady as my curls shall be hard to beat Wahahhhhaaaaaahhhhaaaa!
So we shall see who wins the Wavy/Curly battle!!!




I shall keep y'all posted on the outcome!xxxx

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