Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Beauty of Afro hair!!!:)

I'm not going to lie it's taken me a good while to realise the beauty of my hair, it's so temperamental @ times and I’ve always just wanted an easy life but to be honest as I’ve got older all I know is that the big Phraf (don't google it I don't think it's an actual word lol) that I had made when I was in my teens and the way I was fast to go and apply relaxer to my head was unnecessary !lol! I have now been relaxer free for 7 years + and i'm a happy bunny with a lot more dough in my pocket! Yup I’m relaxer free, ask my best mate I had a bit of a nutty moment on a trip to New York where I lopped the whole lot off!! A supposed hairdresser, not my beloved hairdresser left relaxer on my hair for too long, it started to break and that was it no MORE visits back to that hairdresser, straight up DIY! I took a pair of scissors to my hair and cut my hair until I looked like a boy!Mum cried a lot BUT look @ me now, not a worry in the world! Well not hair related anyway! Yeah it SWEATS out when I’m UP in the club and it’s straight, but what the hell it's all still on my head and that’s all that matters !lol! I also have options see for yourself!!!

My hair after a wash and the application of conditioner!

Not even going to stunt like these glasses belong to me!lol! They belong to my friend but me likey so i betta go drop dem back by she house!lol!

My straight coloured hair, feeling good!

Just with a pair of GHD's run through it! To be honest with you i have to pay due's to my hairdresser friend as i'm a lazy chick who doesn't really do what she's supposed to i.e. wrap it, plait it, tie it down, etc! My hair is feeling good though and i love it!!!!xxx

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  1. Your hair looks naturally lovely!!! Hairspiration :-)